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Breastabilities, LLC

I am certified lactation consultant and registered nurse providing expert and evidence-based breastfeeding support and prenatal breastfeeding classes.

I am available for consults in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Upper and Lower Westchester county, please call or e-mail me to check for availability.  I am out of network with insurance companies, please contact me for fee information. 

When to call a lactation consultant:

  • if your baby is jaundiced
  • baby refuses to latch
  • milk transfer assessment
  • infant weight issues
  • cries a lot and is fussy/feeds all the time
  • is premature or late preterm
  • mother has sore nipples
  • positioning and latching
  • engorgement relief and care
  • low milk supply or over supply
  • returning to work
  • need help with pumping or choosing a pump
  • mastitis or thrush care
  • breastfeeding after breast surgery
  • receiving conflicting advice or need confidence counseling
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