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I have a passion for educating and working with mothers and their support people so that their babies have the best outcome regardless of feeding decisions. My goal is to provide families with evidence-based information to make informed decisions that work best for them. I offer loving support, respect to all families and believe that each mother deserves to make her own choices, while being treated with kindness and assist to meet her breastfeeding goals.

I am a registered nurse and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) as well as a childbirth educator. I am a graduate of New York University's College of Nursing. I have been working in maternal-child health since graduating from nursing school. I have worked with mothers and babies in the antepartum, labor and delivery, postpartum, neonatal intensive care units and also providing breastfeeding support at home. 

I am a mother of two wonderful children, whom I breastfed but with many struggles and these experiences have shaped my practice.

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